Harbour Hotel Southampton

“This is a superb hotel. New build to a high standard, very comfy bed and quality bathroom. Choice of two excellent restaurants in a very stylish setting. If you stay here make sure you have a drink on the 6th floor bar and then the ground floor restaurant.”

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Head to sunny Southampton with this bargain 5-star break. Take advantage of our great discounts at Lilly Likes and score a trip to the seaside with opulence as a side helping to every moment. With stunning coastal views, its own spa facilities, and luxury everywhere you look, the Harbour Hotel is idyllic for couples and perfect for execs.

This is a hotel that knows its worth. It takes itself seriously. With two restaurants, a bar, a fitness centre, spa facilities, and an indoor swimming pool, it is one of those short stay hotels with enough luxury to go around. You could come here for a UK Southampton city break and end up staying inside the hotel for the whole holiday. It has everything you need for an excellent one-stop-visit. If you are passing through Southampton we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. If you live in Southampton, this hotel offers you a chance to see how the other half live by offering you a taste of the high life. Either way, you won’t want to get out of that hot tub to go home.

The Details
  • Where:
    Southampton, England
  • When:
    March 2024
  • Hotel:
    Harbour Hotel
  • Room Type:
    Standard Double Room
  • Guests:
    2 Adults
  • Board Type:
    Room Only
Example Price*
  • 1 night £187 / 2 adults sharing =£93.50pp
  • Dates: 17th March – 18th March 2024
Harbour Hotel Southampton March 24
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